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essential cleaning toolsWhen you are preparing to clean your home, it is important to have several reliable cleaning tools available so that you can enjoy a worry free cleaning experience. Some people may not know of some of these tools however, and how they can optimize the cleaning experience so that you perform more with less stress. Here are some of these tools as suggested by one of the Saint John cleaning service.

Hand Duster

The hand duster is one of the most versatile tools that can be found inside of your household. Using a hand duster, you will be able to effectively remove dust and clean it without the use of harsh chemical products inside of your home. If your home features a predominately wood centered decor, utilizing the hand duster can help you avoid damaging wooden surfaces with sprays and cleaners.

Rubber Gloves

While this may seem to be an obvious inclusion, many people do not utilize rubber gloves when they are cleaning their homes. For intensive cleaning procedures, utilizing a pair of rubber gloves can make sure that you do not irritate your skin when you are utilizing chemicals and cleaning products. Additionally, the use of these gloves will keep you from coming into contact with germs when you are cleaning particularly difficult places, such as toilets.


Mops are among the most important tools that you can have with you when you go about cleaning the home. Floors can get dirty frequently, especially in high traffic and narrow areas, such as hallways. Having a sturdy and reliable mop can make sure that you are keeping these areas clean without having to strain yourself. Be sure to wash the mop regularly and to use appropriate cleaners with it.


Washing windows can be a particularly tricky part of the cleaning process because of how many different ways people will try to clean them. It is important to keep in mind that one of the best tools for the job is the squeegee. This can make the window washing experience a lot easier, as it provides a very even clean when used with the right products.


Sponges are an extremely versatile tool when it comes to cleaning polished surfaces, like tiles in the kitchen or bathroom. The sponge can also be used regularly on dishes, provided it is washed appropriately and thrown away before it becomes too dirty for use. As with any other product, it is a good idea to consider the right kind of cleaning product to utilize with it, in order to maximize its efficiency.

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Ever get that surprise call from the in-laws who just called to say they would be stopping by your home in the next 45 minutes? This is always an immediate stressful situation as you look around your home and try to decide how you are going to clean before they get there. There are some things you can do to clean your home in 30 minutes flat and present a clean home to your family as they stop by.

A tidy house means a home that is in order and there is no clutter found on the counters, floors, and walls. It can be difficult to keep a tidy house when you are working all of the time. However, you should always be prepared to quickly pick up your home in the event you have unexpected guests.


One of the first things you want to do is de-clutter your home. you can do this by removing any papers on the dining room table, picking up magazines and newspapers, putting the kids’ toys in their rooms, placing DVDs in their respective boxes, and hiding any shoes. This should only take you about four to five minutes and you should only hit the major rooms.

Wipe Everything Down

Now is the time to wipe everything down from the sliding glass doors to the dining room table and mirrors. Quickly run through the bathroom and kitchen to get the counters as well. Wait! Do not forget the toilet seat either. This will take you the longest at about 10 minutes if you are quick.

Empty, Empty, Empty

Remove any trash that is sitting out and place the can in a hidden area. Remove any cups from around the house and place all of the dishes from the sink into your dishwasher. This should take you about five minutes tops if you are quick.

Sweep and Dust

Quickly sweep the floors and dust off anything with dust on it including coffee tables and television stands. This should take you approximately five minutes.

Restock Everything

Make sure to refill toilet paper, tissue boxes, and paper towels. If you are having dinner, place the plates on the table with the silverware to be 100% ready. This will take you another four to five minutes.

Now that you have a tidy house, you should have approximately 15 minutes to relax before the in-laws ring the doorbell. Enjoy it because you deserve it.