My name is Tricia. I’m a humble, laid-back and funny person. I live in the outskirts of Dallas, Texas and I have for my whole life. As far as interests go, I’m an extremely well-rounded person. I like a little big of everything. Music, however, is my number one passion. I love all genres of music, but rock ‘n roll is my absolute favorite. Not only do I enjoy listening to rock, but I also enjoy performing it. I play guitar and I have since I was a little girl. In fact, I started taking guitar lessons when I was merely 5 years old. I was inspired by my dad. He is and was truly skilled at playing guitar.

Other big interests I have include playing tennis, baking, reading mystery novels, cooking international cuisine, my adorable golden retriever Izzy and hanging out with my friends.

Last but not least, I’m a highly career-oriented person. I work as a social worker. I consider it to be my life’s vocation. I’m a very communicative individual and I truly care about other people. I want to do whatever I can do make things better for everyone around me. As a result, social work is very fulfilling and enriching career path for me. When I get home from work every day, I feel good about myself. I know that I’m doing the best with my time and talents. Although I adore social work, I have other aspirations. I love baking, and because of that dream to open my own bakery someday.

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